Monday, March 13, 2017

UP Poles : Great Mandate to BJP

For the first time in the history of independent India this secular-communal bullshit is over. UP's electorate has shown it conclusively that our democracy has matured. Though some political leaders would still love to be in denial. For example Behenji says how it is possible that Muslim majority areas have voted for BJP candidate? It's unbelievable! Behenji, it happened because the farce of all these years is no longer valid! Simple as that. That you give 90 seats to Muslim candidates simply because they are Muslims, is secular? That Mr.Digvijay unashamedly questions the timing of unravelling a terror conspiracy is secular. But Yogi Adityanath emphasising need of safety & security of every one in UP without discrimination is communal?. Reversing a Supreme Court's decision in Shahbano case is secular? But talking of legitimate rights against Tin Talaaque is communal? Actually this majority-minority bullshit has sidetracked all these years, the main agenda of safety, security, employment, development, infrastructure & equal opportunity. It's no coincidence that the states where this Business was in play all these years are the most backward ones today. But now the voter has matured. And for that matter kudos to UP electorate. Even in Punjab also the AAP party, a bubble of electronic and social media, has been shown its true place. BJP-SAD combine has also been given the warning in Punjab.
It's clear that masses want an honest intent and delivery from the ruling party now. Gone are the days when you will easily polarize on cast-creed lines and get a contract for 5 years to ' luto-khasoto'. After 5 years you will play the same card again. Now you will be required to ensure what we call 'good governance ' and stick to the agenda of 'Development'. Modi n Shah have definitely been able to turn the tables on this so-called secular 'Pariwar'. And the road ahead will be chequered with controlling our own 'Pariwar' too, lest the central agenda is sidetracked again. Wish you luck Mr.Modi.

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